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Kathering MacInnes - Snow Widows

Kathering MacInnes - Snow Widows

The story of the race for the South Pole from the perspective of the five women whose lives would be forever changed by it: Kathleen Scott, the fierce young wife of the expedition leader who campaigned relentlessly for Scott’s reputation.

Oriana Wilson, a true help-mate and partner to the expedition’s doctor. Emily Bowers survivor of the third Anglo-Burmese war. Caroline Oates, the very picture of decorum and everything an Edwardian woman aspired to be and Lois Evans, whose hard life placed her on the edge of poverty and forced her to endure the media’s classist assertions that her husband must have been responsible for the party’s downfall.

In a remarkable feat of historical reconstruction Katherine MacInnes vividly depicts the lives, loves and losses of five women forced into the public eye by tragedy and shaped by the unrelenting culture of empire.

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