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Nigel Toon – How AI Thinks

How AI Thinks
Nigel Toon

October 15 @ 10:30 11:30

Those who understand how AI thinks are about to win big. Leading British AI entrepreneur Nigel Toon explains why it’s so exciting and how it can be controlled.

How AI Thinks shows us how we can harness the electrifying intelligence of machines. Unlike other books on AI which often scare us, through storytelling that shows us how we think, Nigel Toon helps us understand AI and its incredible possibilities. He explains that AI is a tool that we can control and how it will augment our own amazing human intelligence. ‘In my role running an AI company,’ says Nigel Toon, ‘I am often asked about artificial intelligence, but people are prone to say that they don’t understand it and fear it. AI is complex and so, like other powerful tools that have come before, our lack of understanding can easily lead us to think that it might present a threat to humanity. We need to learn more, not just about the risks but also about the benefits that this important new technology can deliver, because it will end up changing our lives and, perhaps more importantly, the lives of the next generation.
‘Over the course of a career spent at the forefront of technology, I have been directly involved in developing the underlying technology that makes AI work, and I understand how this story will play out. I want to help you learn how AI thinks’.

Nigel Toon is a leading figure in AI and is often called upon to speak at major industry events. He has been recognized with numerous industry awards including, ranked #1 on Business Insiders ‘100 most influential people shaping British technology’ and as one of the ‘Top 100 entrepreneurs in the UK’ by the Financial Times.

Nigel has a background as a technology business leader, entrepreneur, and engineer having been CEO at three successful VC-backed processor companies, including Graphcore which he co-founded and which developed a new type of microprocessor to accelerate Artificial Intelligence. He was previously a senior executive at a major Silicon Valley, publicly listed semiconductor company. He has served as a Board Member and Chairman for several technology businesses and currently sits as a Non-Executive Director on the board of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which is a non-departmental UK public body that directs over £8bn per year into research and innovation funding. He has also been a member of the UK Prime Minster’s Business Council.

This event is kindly sponsored by C P Fry

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